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What Actually Makes Your Beauty Products Beautiful?

7 out of 10 consumers admit to being biased to shelf appeal when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products. This product set still lives in a space where consumers want to "try before they buy" especially to millennials. A finicky bunch of consumers want to see the product in action, and they demand it so testing is vital to today’s consumers. This process requires them to see and handle your product. Getting your product to appeal to a buyer has to be eye catching and illicit interest. So as important as your design is; getting it to look right is the final step of creating that brand appeal.

With over 40 years in the packaging, product, promotional and industrial print sector Com-Graf  can create that product appeal whether you are a start up brand or in the process of scaling. Decades of experience with state of the art printing capabilities our focus is making your brand brand look its best and speak to the consumer for you. When you have formulated your product, got it just right, and your branding and marketing are on point don't overlook that last and most appealing factor. Your Brand Image!

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