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From Sports Licensing to the Lab Edge Innovations Does Their Part

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

With the Coronavirus outbreak Blingware has shifted from making licensed sports products to lab testing components in just 3-days.

Edge Innovations, the manufacturer of Blingware and other licensed sports consumer products transitioned their machinery and product capabilities to manufacture millions of lab testing and culture collecting components. Blingware which is well known for their injection moulded cups that have an actual championship ring embedded into the cup modified all of their tooling in just 3-days to support Critical National Infrastructure with these components. Edge Innovations has been manufacturing and packaging their products out of their Southern California facility Com-Graf Inc since 2016 and now are expanding into a partnership with Progress Works not only for licensed products but to also support national supply chain initiatives for our medical personnel on the front lines.

“We are lucky to have such a great production team here at Com-Graf along with the machinery that created the opportunity for us to do our part,” explained Edge Innovations CEO Gary Merten in a statement announcing the transition in manufacturing. Seeming upbeat and positive regarding the ability to assist he lamented that the biggest challenge was not the retooling, or the transition, but the ability to keep his team safe within the factory. “Keeping our production team and their families healthy and safe is our main priority and my primary stress point right now. Our initiatives with respect to social distancing, proper protective gear, along with the cleaning and sanitizing processes are my key focus.”

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